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YES, I want to join the fight to protect Costa Rica’s wildlife!

We THANK YOU for your kind donation to Nosara Wildlife Sanctuary at SIBU. For U.S. tax-deductible donations, please make check out to FRIENDS OF NOSARA. Make sure to include: Name, Address, Phone and Email. Please indicate that the check is for Nosara Wildlife Sanctuary at SIBU. Send to:

Friends of Nosara, c/o Elizabeth White,
1780 Timaru Court, Reno, NV 89523
For more information about the Friends of Nosara, please

U.S. tax exempt donations 501(c) 3 can be made via PayPal by:
  1. Use the paypal buttons below to make your donation.
  2. Send (email) donation to the Friends of Nosara email address:
  3. Click on “Personal”, then mark “gift”. Please indicate that the gift is intended for SIBU Sanctuary:
Monthly donation

 Please note that as of January, 2014 tax receipts for 501(c)3 deductions will only be given for gifts of $250 or more.