How to Buy the Perfect Cell Phone Spare Battery

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cell phone auxiliary battery

When you are out and about, your phone is likely to run out of battery. It’s also possible that your phone may be in the process of charging when this happens. But if it does happen, don’t worry! With a mobile phone power bank at hand, you can charge up without having to worry about running out of juice again.

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Determine Your Needs

What kinds of phones do you have and what kinds of ports do they have. Most phone power banks are designed to be compatible with a specific type or type of cell phone charger that your phone uses. If you have two chargers, then it doesn’t matter which power bank you get. However, if you have multiple phones that have either the same or different types of chargers, then this can dictate which power bank you should get.

Decide How Many Times It Should Charge Your Phone

Most power banks are designed to charge your phone once or twice with each use. However, there are some models on the market today that will charge your phone more than twice. The number of times a power bank will charge your phone is a reflection of the capacity of the battery inside it, which you can check by looking at the milliampere-hour (mAh) rating on it. A good range to go with is between 10 and 12 times.

Decide If You Need A Slim Power Bank

Slim power banks can be helpful if you need to carry them around on a regular basis. It’s also useful for fitting it into your pocket, purse or wallet. However, slim models tend to have lower capacities than other types of power banks so they will charge your phone fewer times.

Get A Power Bank That Has Removable Batteries

Having removable batteries can be convenient if you want to have a power bank that has multiple batteries. This makes it much easier and faster to switch out the used battery for a new one. This is especially important if you’re going to use your power bank much more often, such as when you’re on long trips or if you’re using your phone for power-intensive activities like playing games.

Decide How Portable You Want Your Power Bank To Be

Portable power banks usually have a larger capacity, but it is still important to look at their weight and size. Most models today either have a rectangular shape or a cylindrical shape. The rectangular ones are usually smaller and lighter than the cylindrical ones, which makes them more portable.

Check If It Is Protected Against Overcharging And Short-Circuiting

Another safety feature to look out for is the protection against overcharging and short-circuiting. This will prevent you from having to worry about your phone or your power bank exploding, which can be dangerous if it happens during charging.

Check If It Is Easily Compatible With Your Phone

This is especially important if you have multiple phones, and it’s also helpful to look at the compatibility of a power bank before buying it. You can check for this by taking a quick look at the mAh rating and the voltage of your phone’s charger port. Each power bank has a compatibility chart on its box or on its website so you can check it before buying.

Check If It Has An LED Indicator

Having an LED indicator is helpful if your battery dies out so you can see how much of the power bank’s capacity is left. You should also look at whether or not there are lights for each of the ports so you can tell which port is for your phone and which one is for another device.

Decide If You Want A Power Bank That Lets You Know When It Is Fully Charged

This feature is useful if you want to save some time, but it’s also beneficial to look at how much time your power bank takes to charge up when it is plugged in. Look for one that tells you when it’s done charging, and it usually only takes around 4 hours or so.

Compare The Price Of Different Power Banks

It’s also important to compare the price between different models before choosing your final power bank, especially if you’re looking for one that’s on the cheaper side. However, you should also take into account how much power capacity each model has to determine if they’re actually worth their price.

Get A Power Bank With Faster Charging Capacity

This can also be an important feature to watch out for, depending on how fast you want the power bank to charge your phone. Looking for the fastest possible charging time? Look for models with 2.1A inputs and outputs.

Get A Power Bank With The Highest Capacity Possible

It is also important to make sure that the spare battery can charge the phone multiple times without charging itself. If you’re looking for a model with the highest possible capacity, around 20,000 mAh is good. Look for models with more capacity than that.

Look At The Power Indicator Light’s Color And Intensity

This feature can be especially useful to ensure that the spare battery is fully charged before use. If the light is green, the spare battery is still charging. When it turns yellow or orange, you need to charge it for about 30 minutes more.

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